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Great articles are rare, whenever I discover one of them, I get excited. I'm happy to share them with you here. Feel free to subscribe (RSS) to my bookmark list.

Date Title Link
30.01.2023winstall - GUI for Windows Package Manager
12.10.2022How to Prove You Know a Secret Without Giving It Away | Quanta Magazine
18.09.2022Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet | pentestmonkey
13.09.2022Website with beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear
13.09.2022The Painfully Shy Developer's Guide to Networking for a Better Job (Without Being Creepy)
18.08.2022How To Really Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 11 Permanently
31.07.2022Pentest Mindmap
06.06.2022Configuring your WordPress instance to work with your Amazon Lightsail distribution | Lightsail Documentation
30.11.2021Clearing RAID metadata
29.08.2021Cisco Price List, Cisco GPL, Cisco Global Price List @ 2021 - public iPerf3 and iPerf speedtest server
28.06.2020Linux sysadmins want to know: Where did my disk space go? | Enable Sysadmin
28.06.2020What happens when you update your DNS?
17.05.2020Windows 10 quietly got a built-in network sniffer, how to use
06.04.2020How to SSH Properly
15.02.2020Redis Remote Command Execution ≈ Packet Storm
02.02.2020Google Maps Hacks
19.01.2020The Status of HTTP/3
19.01.2020xen0l/aws-gate: Better AWS SSM Session manager CLI client
12.01.2020Mini HTTP guide for developers - Michal Charemza
12.01.2020Understanding filesystem takeover vulnerabilities in npm JavaScript package manager
12.01.2020What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity
12.01.2020XXE Attacks — Part 2: XML DTD related Attacks - klose - Medium
12.01.2020XXE Attacks— Part 1: XML Basics - klose - Medium
23.12.2019The internet is actually controlled by 14 people who hold 7 secret keys | IFLScience