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For my professional and personal life, I use very selective tools. I write about my setups here. If you have any question, free to reach out on one of my (link: imprint text: communication channels). (image: img_20190104_214049.jpg) **Desk setup:** - Stand desk: (link: text: IKEA BEKANT ) - Office chair: (link: text: noblechairs Hero) - Video light: (link: text: Elgato Key Light Air) - Displays: 3x (link: text: Asus PG278QR ) - Monitor bracket: (link: text: HFTEK MP230C-N) - Keyboard: (link: text: Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Hybrid Type-S - black) - Wrist Rests: (link: text: Royal Glam), Black Walnut - Mouse: (link: text: Logitech G PRO) - Mousepad: (link: text: Roccat Taito XXL) - Mobile stand: (link: text: IKEA BERGENES) - Speakers: 2x (link: text: Nubert A300 ) - Headphones: (link: text: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO) 250 Ohm, with black (link: text: Ear pads) - Microphone: (link: text: RØDE NT-USB NTUSB), of course black edition - Microphone suspension: (link: text: Røde PSA1) - Webcam: (link: text: Logitech BRIO) - Printer: (link: text: Brother MFC-L2710DN) **Computer setup:** - Primary workstation: - Case: (link: text: NZXT S340 Elite) - Mainboard: (link: text: MSI X470 GAMING M7 AC) - Power: (link: text: be quiet! POWER ZONE 850W) - CPU: (link: text: Intel Core i7-12700K) - GPU: (link: text: MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti) - RAM: 4x (link: text: Corsair Vengeance 16GB) - Cooler: (link: text: Glacier One 240 T30) - SSD: 2x (link: text: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB), RAID-Level 0 **Essential Client Software:** - Hypervisor: (link: text: VMware workstation pro) for KaliLinux - Backup: (link: text: Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows) - FolderSync: (link: text: bvckup2) - Terminal: (link: text: Hyper) - Editor: (link: text: VS Code) with (link: text: Operator Mono) Font and patched (link: text: Ligatures ) and the beautiful (link: text: Dracula Theme) - API-Testing: (link: text: Postman) - Browser: (link: text: Google Chrome) - (link: text: Bitwarden) - (link: text: uBlock) - (link: text: Shodan ) - (link: text: IPvFoo) - (link: text: Checker Plus for Gmail™) - (link: text: CrxMouse Chrome) - (link: text: Go Back With Backspace) - (link: text: JSON Formatter) - (link: text: Vimium) - (link: text: View Image) - (link: text: Readable Wikipedia) - (link: text: Simplify Gmail) - (link: text: MouseZoom) - Todo: (link: text: todoist) - Notes: (link: text: Evernote Legacy app) | (link: text: CherryTree) - Reader: (link: text: Pocket) - Working Log: (link: text: Toggl) - Podcasts: (link: text: Pocketcasts) - Database: (link: text: TablePlus) - Screenshot: (link: text: Techsmith Snagit) - Clipboard: (link: text: Ditto) - Music: (link: text: Spotify ) and via Google Chrome Extension (link: text: SomaPlayer) - Spotify Extension: (link: text: Toastify ) - Sound Control: (link: text: EarTrumpet) - Display Color/: (link: text: f.lux) - Package Manager (link: text: winget) **Mobile Hardware:** - Phone: (link: text: iPhone 12 Pro Max) - In-Ears: (link: text: AirPods Pro)